Chanty Fon

A lover of animals, nature and conscious living, Chanty has practiced yoga for 3 years. After becoming a certified yoga teacher, her interest in human anatomy & physiology, as well as the interaction between body and mind only grew bigger. When she’s not on the mat, she likes to spend her free days with her pets, traveling, reading and making things with her hands. Chanty is inspired to live her life in accordance with the teachings of Boddhicitta, meaning ‘enlightenment-mind’. It is the mind that strives toward awakening, empathy, and compassion for the benefit of all sentient beings.

Even though she practices Ashtanga and Power yoga on the daily, she truly believes that yoga is more than just a physical practice, but rather one of the minds. This comes to full expression in her yoga classes which are gentle and soft, and where she’ll guide you to help you find your own sense of inner calm, balance and self-love, to hopefully enlighten that connection between physical body and mental state.

“We do not use the body to get into a pose – we use the pose to get into our body”. – Bernie Clarke.

Chanty is originally from the Netherlands and can teach both in English & Dutch.

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